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You love comfort and at the same want upholstered furniture, which will fit both into your place and lifestyle, serving as a true companion for many years?

Then you are at the 
right place!

Möbelita turns your dreams into reality!

Enjoy the comfort, tailored to you
Choose modern Italian desing with superior quality
Konfigure the furniture according to your needs and get it delivered directly to your home
Get the desired quickly delivered to you
Check how custom furniture pieces look like directly in your interiour
Get a qualified consultation from a certified professional - both at your place or remotly
Greetings from our Mascot

Hi there! I am Möbelitchen!

The anteater. I am the mascot of the company “Möbelita”!
And am also the favorite animal of its founders, and am officially authorized to speak on their behalf. And I love to talk … So hang-on! Now I’m going to tell you about us …

Although we anteaters live mainly in South America today, we are animals with German origins. The remains of our ancient ancestor, more than 50 million years old, were found in Germany.

People know little about anteaters. And of course, I would like to brag about my uniqueness… But I can’t do it now. In the end I’m telling you about the company Möbelita, and we anteaters can’t do more than one thing at a time. But when we do something, we do it perfectly. Just like Möbelita, which uses augmented reality systems to create the world’s best virtual showroom – right in your apartment.

And we anteaters are very peaceful and get along well with other animals, large and small. Because we are not like everyone else! Likewise the company “Möbelita”, which does not try to compete with numerous furniture companies. Selling is not our goal. Instead we strive to help you, supported by the latest technologies, in choosing furniture that meets your needs! But if necessary, we, anteaters, can defend ourselves!

We are also very caring … Mama anteater carried me on her back until I grew taller than she was – with us, anteaters, it’s common! In the same fashion, Möbelita takes care of its customers. Even after the purchase, Möbelita stays in touch!

We anteaters value very much comfort and cosiness. I assure you, that when you buy our furniture you are not just buying a piece of furniture. Indeed, you are getting a loyal companion with whom you will feel comfortable for many years to come.
No wonder that we are recommended to friends and acquaintances!

And yet we anteaters don’t know at all how to cheat – just look us in the eyes!

With best

Anteater Möbelitchen

Resized Ameisnb

Thats how it works!

We arrange an appointment for an individual consultation

You contact us via email, contact-form or per telephone and we agree on a suitable date and time for a personal meeting

A professional consultant contacts you

One of our professionals either conducts a first online meeting, or comes directly to your place for a personal consultation

We introduce to you our model range and explain their charecteristics

Together we choose a model and the configuration which are a perfect fit for you (size, shape, material, color, texture etc.)

The consultant visualizes your choice in your interior

In your carefully chosen configuration, in your 4 walls; the furniture looks real, even thought its virtual

We make the final changes and place the order

You see exactly what you have ordered and what you will recieve latter on

You are just few weeks away from your furniture

With Möbelita you dont have to wait long until you get your delivery

By means of qualified consultation and extended return policy, we make sure that you are fully satisfied with our furniture. Additionally, with our 10 Years of standard guarantee – you are always on the safe side!

Our furniture is born with love to the smallest detail! With pride we choose the best materials, which are fully tested by our qualified team

You see what you buy, before you buy, in your interior – there is simply no place for a mistake!

try it 

Pull the slider from left to right and experience the magical transformation – with your new sofa standing there
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We are happy to hear from you!

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Voice of the customer

We have searched for a comfortable Sofa for our home. Either it was too expensive or didn’t fir to our interior. Möbelita has helped us to choose the ideal sofa, which perfectly fits!
Katja S.
A low maintenance sofa, which is very comfortable and at the same time can be converted into a full-sized bed? Unbelievable? Not at all! At Möbelita, a qualified consultant has helped us to get all of these! Very much recommended!
Sandrine C.
My old sofa, only after a year, was completely worn out! I was searching for a sofa, which can do better than that! With 10 years warranty, washable and exchangeable upholstery and top quality of service – I have discovered Möbelita!
Chris B.

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Social responsibility

We believe that technology helps to brake communication barriers between people, whilst helping to overcome prejudices and fears! Traditional retail furniture sales are causing an negative CO2 footprint.Large retail stores are losing their popularity amongst end-consumers. The technology, provided by Möbelita not only helps to reduce the ecological footprint, but also offers a unique purchasing experience for people, who limited access to traditional showrooms and facilities selling furniture. Almost 8 million people with severe physical disabilities are leaving in Germany, and count as part of our mission: to provide the same buying experience to people with limited physical abilities, allowing them to purchase suitable furniture, without leaving the comfort of their homes.


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